reflexology hood river

Reflexology Hood River provides non-invasive, holistic bodywork that includes Reflexology and Reiki.

  • reflexology hood riverReflexology work focuses on the feet, hands, and ears to promote relaxation and well being throughout the whole body.
  • The reflexologist utilizes thumb and finger techniques to apply alternating pressure to the reflex points on the feet, hands, and ears to stimulate nerve pathways and break up chemicals that collect at nerve endings.
  • Reflexology brings about increased circulation and deep relaxation, thus promoting the body’s return to its natural state of homeostasis or balance.
  • Reflexology is based on the theory that there are “reflex maps,” that reflect the entire body and all its systems, on the feet, hands, and ears.
  • Probably the most well known type of reflexology is foot reflexology, and many have seen foot reflexology charts which reflect the entire body. These maps also exist for hands and ears.
  • Only shoes and socks need be removed.

Reflexology Hood River

Please call for an appointment:  503-593-5848.

Diana Blackmon is a National Board Certified Reflexologist, NBCR,  (American Reflexology Certification Board) and a member of the Oregon Reflexology Network.

Testimonials for Reflexology Hood River

MB: “I was able to sleep on my right shoulder for the first time in three years after that first session.”

SL: “Thank you. The healing that naturally flows from you as you are giving reflexology creates the most beautiful safe space. I’m so thankful for the precious healing time I spend with you.”

ES: “My hands and feet feel alive again. If I had to choose between massage and reflexology, I now would choose reflexology. Sessions are better every time. I feel all sparkly.”

SJ: “I felt relief wash through my body from one ear hold. I feel very relaxed–haven’t felt this relaxed since my last session.”

DW: “Diana has wonderful healing skills! I walked out from my session feeling light as a feather, pain free!”

 Reflexology Hood River

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