Qigong for vitality and stress relief

Qigong comes in many shapes and sizes, but Jeff Chand has a number of free video routines that are both invigorating and stress reducing. They also are helpful beyond what we normally would expect from a 5- or 8-minute exercise.


The routines are moving meditations that expand your breath and work your muscles gently and intentionally. They also connect you to the energy of the elements that surround us—the chi available to all. Even 5 minutes a day is rejuvenating and uplifting.

The beginning exercises are easy to learn and do.

Two of my favorites are:

The 5-minute Easy Routine:


And this 8-minute Neck and Shoulder Routine. The first 6:30 minutes of the video teach the positions, and the next 8 minutes are the actual routine.

In a time when you may be weighing the pros and cons of every human encounter, these home exercises can bring you some of the joy and good energy of a massage, Reiki, or reflexology session.

If you can, do them outside.