One of the beauties of reflexology is that people can work on themselves using a reflexology chart.

Reflexology Chart

There are many good reflexology charts and books. Every reflexology chart is at least a little different. To be sure you are working the area you want, in the words of Bill Flocco, Director of the American Academy of Reflexology“Work the broader area!”

Remember to work light when you start. Feet are very sensitive and working too hard at any time is likely to hurt. The goal of reflexology is to promote health and well being.

Foot Reflexology Chart

foot reflexology chart
Copyright 2007 Kevin & Barbara Kunz

Hand Chart

reflexology chart
Copyright 2007 Kevin and Barbara Kunz

These foot and hand reflexology charts are presented courtesy of Kevin and Barbara Kunz of Reflexology Research,  where you can find a list of their books and research information that indicates  reflexology is effective in nine areas, including relaxation, pain reduction, and improved blood flow.

Besides using your own hands, there are many manufactured reflexology tools. One of the most well known is Foot Rubz (TM), a massage ball that can be found online and in many stores. In Hood River, Shortt Supply carries them.

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