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Reflexology Resources & Research

Listed below are some excellent reflexology resources & research websites.

The American Academy of Reflexology website contains extensive reflexology information, including printable charts, a list of educational books,  380+ abstracts about reflexology research, a list of workshops, and reflexology articles. Bill Flocco teaches around the world and regularly conducts workshops in Oregon and Washington. His recently published book, Reflexology,  is available at his website, at Amazon, and at other regular book sources.

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Touchpoint, based in Denmark, is a rich source for in-depth articles written by Peter Lund Frandsen and Dorthe Krogsgaard  on the use of reflexology to help with stress, pain, digestion, headache, etc.  Although their workshops previously were designed for advanced practitioners, they are currently developing a beginning reflexology curriculum. Their articles are illuminating for any interested reader. They teach internationally and regularly present workshops at the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center.  Touchpoint will be in Hood River to teach a post graduate workshop — Round About: The Foot in April 2019. Visit Oregon Reflexology Network for details on this and other workshops in the Northwest.

One European researcher, Dr. Jesus Manzanares, MD, has spent 30 years of his medical career researching the science of reflexology. Two ground-breaking studies include biopsy of live foot tissue to determine the nature of deposits and EEG studies to show how reflexology induces Theta brainwaves.  Experiential classes in the
Manzanares Method of Reflexology are conducted regularly in the U.S.  Read Dr. Manzanares short article titled NeuroPhysiological Basis for Reflexology.

Reflexology can be defined as a reflex technique that is based on the neurobiochemical action produced by stimulating a specific area of the foot that results in a general or partial repercussion in the body. This is possible because of the somatotopic representation (mapping) of the human body on the foot, where every organ and parts of the body are reflected”.  Jesus Manzanares, MD


The fourth edition of Reflexotherapy of the Feet, by Hanne Marquardt, a European reflexology pioneer, was translated from the German into English and published in 2000. Filled with many precise and detailed charts, it is available from Amazon and others.

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You can visit the Oregon Reflexology Network for a list of upcoming reflexology workshops in Oregon, Washington, and the west coast.